We’d like to thank you for visiting our Volunteer Page on our web site! If you are not a member, please join our club by clicking the Join or Renew GLIRC button at the top of this page.  We’d like to invite you to volunteer at one or more of our events during the year.

The Greater Long Island Running Club is as good as it is because of its members.  We would not be able to put on the number and quality of events if we didn’t have dedicated people who were willing to take the time to lend a hand.  Not only that, we wouldn’t have the types of events that we do if it weren’t for the creative minds of our members.

We understand that some of you may be a bit shy about getting involved simply because you don’t know what volunteering at an event entails.  So, just in case you fit into that category, we have prepared a little fact sheet that should help to make you a bit more comfortable as to what being a volunteer is all about.   In addition, please feel free to e-mail Mindy Davidson, our Coordinator of Volunteers, at mindyruns@aol.com, with any questions or SUGGESTIONS, or if you are interested in becoming more involved in the administration of an event. Please read the Volunteer FAQ below to learn all about volunteering!

We have a GLIRC Volunteer Rewards Program. We very much need and appreciate the support of anyone who is willing to volunteer their services at GLIRC events. We show our appreciation for our volunteer support by rewarding each individual volunteer with the chance to win a free trip for two to the Club's Volunteer Trip Weekend in October, with free entry to GLIRC races and to the GLIRC annual Dinner-Dance, and with free GLIRC apparel. Please click here to see all the details of the program and how you can take advantage of it in return for a few hours of your time!

We look forward to seeing you on the roads and at the races!


Mike Polansky, President

Mindy Davidson,Vice President and Coordinator of Volunteers

If you are a community group or a school wishing to volunteer, please click the button below: