Flexibility is an important attribute of our Club, and it is especially important as it affects our relationship with the Long Island running community at large. The date originally scheduled for our 42nd annual Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care Aspire 10 Kilometer Run was Saturday, April 6th. The event has generally taken place on the first Saturday in April, and we expected that there would be no problem with it. However, a few weeks ago it came to our attention that the Patchogue YMCA 5K had also been scheduled for that date, and that the YMCA would be honoring Lou LaFleur at the post-race Awards Ceremony. We spoke to the YMCA Race Directors and they advised us that they were locked in to the April 6th date and could not change it.

Quite frankly, if our buddy Lou was going to be honored, I was personally going to move Heaven and Earth to make sure that nothing GLIRC did would in any way detract from that honor. (And besides, I wanted to be at a race that was honoring him!) So we explored all the alternatives. Neither Sunday, March 31st nor Sunday, April 7th were possible because St. Pius X R.C. Church on Washington Avenue advised that they would be very unhappy if we tried to do the race on a Sunday during Lent when their Masses were packed with parishioners. But, thankfully, moving the event to Saturday, March 30th worked for everyone and, with the support of our sponsor Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care, that’s what we decided to do. The change caused a bit of extra paperwork on our part, but it was well worth it.

So....I hope to see everyone joining us on Saturday, March 30th for the 42nd annual Aspire 10K, and joining us again on Saturday, April 6th for the Patchogue YMCA 5K to help us honor Selden Hills Warriors co-founder (and GLIRC Executive Board member!) Lou LaFleur.

As races proliferate on Long Island, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid conflicts. There are weekends in the Spring and Fall where there can be as many as a dozen Long Island races between Saturday and Sunday. I believe that GLIRC, as a defacto umbrella organization covering the entire Long Island running community, has a responsibility to try to minimize conflicts.

Race Directors who advertise in the Club’s annual Calendar and in Long Island Footnotes make it easier for us to meet that responsibility and to serve as something of a clearinghouse for race scheduling, and we very much appreciate their support.

Finally, changing the subject, my personal thanks go to Ric DiVeglio for the amazing job he did with this year’s Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery. Nobody, repeat nobody, devotes as much time and energy into this and other GLIRC events as Ric does, and we really appreciate it! Our thanks as well to Ric’s wife Kathy for tolerating all the demands on Ric’s time that his involvement in GLIRC makes. This is in no way meant to detract from the hard work of Sue Fitzpatrick, Cheryl Clifford, Adriana Staiano and others whose efforts made the Blue Point Brewery Run a reality this year, but I know that they would all agree that Ric’s contributions are very, very special!

See you on the roads and trails...and at the Aspire 10K on March 30th.