A Busy Winter & Taking Care of the Long Island Running Community!

Winter used to be the season when we had a chance to catch our collective breaths here in the GLIRC office, with very little doing between the Ho Ho Ho Run in mid-December and the Caumsett 50K/25K and the Kings Park 15K in March. That’s definitely no longer the case. This Winter’s calendar for our Club featured three major events in the space of only four weeks – the Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue, the Icebreaker Marathon/Half Marathon in Eisenhower Park, and the Mardi Gras Run to the Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore/Brentwood. All three of those events experienced substantial growth in 2019, and all three were unqualified successes.

That’s not to say that there weren’t difficulties involved in each event. Predicting how many shirts and finisher medals we need is always a tricky business, and this year we ran out of shirts in two of those three races and ran out of medals in two of those three races – culminating with the Mardi Gras Run where we ran out of BOTH shirts and medals. That being said, we promise that everyone will get a shirt and a medal, we have reordered them for everyone who missed out on race day, and will mail them out as soon as possible. The fact that the companies in China that manufacture the medals close down for Chinese New Year festivities is delaying our getting them. Nevertheless, the bottom line remains that every runner will ultimately get what we promised; that’s our trademark!

Looking forward, we have an awful lot on our plate in the coming month, including two of our most important events – the Lazer Aptheker Rosella & Yedid Kings Park 15K and the Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care Aspire 10K. Fortunately for the sanity of everyone in the office, Kings Park Race Director Steven Toto and Aspire Race Director Karen Schackner are knowedgeable and experienced Race Directors who have everything under control!

The Aspire Run will be especially interesting this year, as we inaugurate a new course for that event for the first time in decades. It will be an interesting change, and I hope that everyone enjoys it. Again, our apologies regarding the change in the date of the event, but it made sense from the standpoint of the overall running community to hold the Run on March 30th rather than April 6th as originally planned.

The bottom line of this is that our primary role as an organization is to take care of the Long Island running community. We are a not-for-profit corporation, we don’t have any shareholders expecting big profits from what we do. Our concerns focus on doing the right thing by the runners. We may not always get things right to start with, but we always try to make things right for the running community....and you can put that in the bank!

See you on the roads and trails.