We Are Busy, But... We All Have A Lot of Fun Doing It!

Things are always busy here in the GLIRC office, but the summer months are, not surprisingly, especially busy. We just finished the Marcum Workplace Challenge on July 30th, arguably the most complicated running event of the Long Island year. As I write this on August 16th, we will be staging six events over the next six weeks – the Aloha Run, the Runner’s Edge-TOBAY Junior Triathlon, the Runner’s Edge-TOBAY Triathlon, the Blazing Trails 4 Mile Run, the Race Against Poverty AquaRun at TOBAY Beach, and the Ocean to Sound Relay. WOW!

Fortunately, of course, the Club can boast of an extremely efficient and effective staff to deal with all this. Our Executive Director Sue Fitzpatrick, our Vice President Mindy Davidson, our new Director of Development Jaclyn Dagnall, our Logistics Director Adriana Staiano, our bookkeeper Lyuda Mykola, & our Administrative Assistant Ruth Abrams, together form the kind of cohesive team that makes things a lot easier than they would otherwise be. Add in the amazing contributions of our two major Logistics Assistants Nick Palazzo and Rick Secor, as well as such managerial volunteers as Ric DiVeglio, Myron Bellovin, Rebecca McDonald, Karen Schackner, Carl Grossbard, Steven Toto, Jim Murray and others, and the net result is a management team that is second to none.

We are busy, but we are well staffed to handle it all, and besides...we all have a lot of fun doing it!

All that being said, I can’t give enough thanks to the race volunteers who are an indispensable part of our efforts. The list of those who volunteer on a regular basis is too long for a column like this one, but there are 25-30 folks who are on hand event after event, with enthusiasm, with knowledge, and with a genuine desire to make our events the best that they can be. You know who you are...and I thank you!

As a final note, I’m sure that we all can breathe a sigh of relief that Shawn Momtahen and John Zenkewich, both of whom needed hospitalization (and in John’s case surgery) after a Wednesday night race at Eisenhower Park, are well on the road to recovery. That being said, the dual incidents that night support my belief as to the importance of having an ambulance on site at races. Although everything I have heard indicates that Ron Nardo (himself an EMT) did an amazing job working on Shawn until the ambulance got there, getting folks to a hospital as soon as possible after an incident like this can well be a matter of life or death.

See you on the roads and trails...and most definitely at the Ocean to Sound Relay!

Thank you finish line team.jpg