GLIRC Election Results

                                                         ELECTION RESULTS

Our thanks to nearly a thousand Club members who voted in the GLIRC Elections.  The results have been compiled by Election Chair Bob Sherman and his Committee and are as follows:

President - Mike Polansky

Vice Presidents - Mindy Davidson and Carl Grossbard

Secretary - Sue Fitzpatrick

Treasurer -- Ric DiVeglio

Executive Board

Heather Ackerly

Melissa Altschuler

Myron Bellovin

Debbie Blair

Helma Clavin

Tracey Epstein

Paul Fetscher

Amy Goldstein

Ed Grenzig

Bert Jablon

Lou LaFleur

Ed Melnik

Glenn Morse

Nick Palazzo


LInda Ottaviano, Executive Director


Congratulations to all the winners.  We encourage EVERYONE to take an active role in the Club and making it even more successful!