Who We Are

The Greater Long Island Running Club is Long Island's largest and most active running club, with a membership that spans all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond. We have a lot to offer every runner; monthly meetings with interesting programs, special clinics, regular group road runs and track workouts for runners of every age and level of ability, and discounts to local running stores. Long Island Footnotes, our monthly magazine, includes a complete calendar of local races and other events of interest to local runners. Our Office/Clubhouse provides full service to the Long Island running community. Our SRC Run to the Brewery, Caumsett, ASPIRE, David Lerner Police Appreciation Run, USATF 50K Championship and 25K Greenbelt Trail Run, Runner's Edge Long Island Women's Run, New York Blood Center Rob's Run (cross country), Lazer, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid Kings Park 15 Kilometer Challenge, Bethpage Ocean to Sound Relay, Runner's Edge TOBAY Triathlon and Junior Triathlon, Six Hour Run, Carter, DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt Ho Ho Ho Holiday Run, TOBAY Supervisor’s Run 5K, fun runs, trail runs, holiday dinner-dance, "road trips", etc., etc., all make for a full calendar of activities for local runners. In addition, we have been hired to manage the Marcum Workplace Challenge, Belmont Stakes 5K, ELIJA Foundation 5 Mile Run, Run Nassau Summer Series, Heart & Sole 5K, UJA Aquarun, Suffolk County Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, the Blue Ribbon Prostate Cancer 5K and the Blazing Trails 4 Autism 4 Mile Run.

But most of all, GLIRC offers the ready availability of friendly people to run with and compare notes with. We support each other and help each other to more rewarding running experiences. No matter what your age or ability, whether you are a mile a day beginner or a veteran marathoner, there's a place for YOU in the Greater Long Island Running Club!

Presidents Message


I feel almost obligated to mention the weather this month, and yes both the Caumsett Runs and the Kings Park 15K were conducted on the two coldest days of the Winter. Some years we get lucky; this year we very much didn’t. Enough said.

The rest of my column this month is about buying locally, and why it is especially important for Long Island runners to do so. 

First of all, we need to support the great running specialty stores that we are fortunate to have here on Long Island. Those stores are constantly promoting our sport, sponsoring races and other events, and generally being good corporate citizens of the Long Island running community. If you patronize a local running specialty store, you will get great advice, find the stuff that’s right for you, and will have an easy avenue for returning and exchanging stuff that you buy that’s just not working for you. I have heard several stories about folks who have gone into one of these stores, exercised the staff for a half hour trying on and testing various shoes... and then have gone home and purchased the shoes online. Come on, folks, that’s just not fair! If we don’t patronize Long Island running specialty stores we can’t expect them to survive, and we will all be the losers for that. Please buy locally!

I know that lots of people are going to hate my second point and I expect lots of negative feedback, but here we go! We need to support races here on Long Island whenever we can. Obviously we all go out of the area for lots of different destination events. I have been all over the country doing races over the last forty something years (including that trail run in Scranton last September, thank you Sue Fitzpatrick!), and I find that no other vacation is as good as a running vacation. But, notwithstanding plenty of great races here on Long Island (and I most definitely don’t mean just races that GLIRC manages), there seems to be some kind of attraction for folks to drive to that city just west of Nassau County to do a race on the same day that there are several outstanding races in Nassau and Suffolk Counties to choose from. I can’t understand that attraction. 

Typically (and yes there are always exceptions!), Long Island races feature accurately measured USATF certified courses, quick and accurate timing, wonderful post-race festivities (sometimes including a beer or two!), and outstanding giveaways; races in that place to the West don’t always meet up with our Long Island standards. I recognize that not everyone will agree, but I believe that Long Island runners should always try to give preference to Long Island races.

OK, this Long Island chauvinist has said it, and now I will await the reaction!!!!

See you on the roads and trails.

Best regards,
Mike Polansky, President, Greater Long Island Running Club