Who We Are

The Greater Long Island Running Club is Long Island's largest and most active running club, with a membership that spans all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond. We have a lot to offer every runner; monthly meetings with interesting programs, special clinics, regular group road runs and track workouts for runners of every age and level of ability, and discounts to local running stores. Long Island Footnotes, our monthly magazine, includes a complete calendar of local races and other events of interest to local runners. Our Office/Clubhouse provides full service to the Long Island running community. Our SRC Run to the Brewery, Caumsett, ASPIRE, David Lerner Police Appreciation Run, USATF 50K Championship and 25K Greenbelt Trail Run, Runner's Edge Long Island Women's Run, New York Blood Center Rob's Run (cross country), Lazer, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid Kings Park 15 Kilometer Challenge, Bethpage Ocean to Sound Relay, Runner's Edge TOBAY Triathlon and Junior Triathlon, Six Hour Run, Carter, DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt Ho Ho Ho Holiday Run, TOBAY Supervisor’s Run 5K, fun runs, trail runs, holiday dinner-dance, "road trips", etc., etc., all make for a full calendar of activities for local runners. In addition, we have been hired to manage the Marcum Workplace Challenge, Belmont Stakes 5K, ELIJA Foundation 5 Mile Run, Run Nassau Summer Series, Heart & Sole 5K, UJA Aquarun, Suffolk County Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, the Blue Ribbon Prostate Cancer 5K and the Blazing Trails 4 Autism 4 Mile Run.

But most of all, GLIRC offers the ready availability of friendly people to run with and compare notes with. We support each other and help each other to more rewarding running experiences. No matter what your age or ability, whether you are a mile a day beginner or a veteran marathoner, there's a place for YOU in the Greater Long Island Running Club!

Presidents Message



What a way to start the year!

The January 14, 2017 Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery was arguably the best ever of this always great event. A total of 1331 runners officially completed the event, and everyone enjoyed the race and, quite obviously, the post - race festivities.

Anything we do well reflects positively on the people who make it do well, and I want to extend my personal thanks to everyone who contributed in some large or small way to the success of the event.  That being said, there are a few folks who need to be given a special “thank you.”  First and foremost are Race Director Ric DiVeglio and Deputy Race Director Cheryl Clifford.  I can’t begin to count the hours that Ric and Cheryl devoted to the event, the problems they faced and solved and, yes, the abuse that they sometimes had to put up with from time to time.  Ric is planning on turning the job of directing the event over to Cheryl in 2018, and with this year’s baptism of fire I know she will follow in a long line of very successful GLIRC Race Directors.  In the meantime a very hearty thank you goes to both Ric and Cheryl.

This is not an easy event to stage from a logistical standpoint, with the race being half an Island away from our office and warehouse, with the start and staging area a half mile away from the finish line, and with a huge staging area that accommodated well

over 1400 individuals to be set up....and, yes, cleaned up!  The heavy logistical lifting was accomplished and accomplished very well indeed by a couple of hardworking and dedicated individuals – Nick Palazzo and Rick Secor.  It was difficult, but they and their team made it all look so easy. A special shoutout is due to Nick for his contributions to the design of our new finish line structure.

I seem to be thanking them all the time, but I can’t possibly close my personal “thank yous” regarding the Brewery Run without mentioning GLIRC Executive Director Linda Ottaviano, who did everything from start (getting the municipal permits) to finish (serving as the announcer at the Awards Ceremony), and Sue Fitzpatrick, who handled the difficult chore of Coordinator of Volunteers efficiently and effectively.  Thanks, ladies!
Changing the subject, but still speaking of Sue Fitzpatrick, I am amazed every year by the job that she does putting together the Long Island Race Calendar, which she got to the printer the day before the Brewery Run. Unless you watch her first hand, you can have no idea what a monumental task putting it all together is, but Sue is an incredible workaholic and an even more incredible salesperson.

All in all, a good month for the Club and the Long Island running community....thanks to some very special people!

See you on the roads and trails.

Best regards,
Mike Polansky, President, Greater Long Island Running Club